Is God Real?

Question-markIt’s a valid question. What proof do we have – really? It’s a question that pretty much everyone wonders at some point. Certainly, it’s not a question to take lightly!

Science debates it, religions confuse it, and people often ignore it. Is God real?

It’s a question that you have to ask yourself. Are we here alone just trying to survive? Are we here trying to discover some hidden destiny? Is God real?

I can’t argue it with science. Science is fraught with contradictions and theory’s. And I can’t argue it with emotions. Emotions are fragile and simply change.

But I can argue God’s existence with my faith. Uh oh, you say. Here it comes. That faith thing. But stop and think for a moment. Isn’t everything based on faith? A scientist has faith that his experiment is right or his theory is well thought out. Jesus followers base their faith on what they experience and feel.  Experience is real!

So how do we know that God is real. God has said “if you will seek me you will find me“. We seek him.  We put our cynicism aside and give God “a try”.

My belief began by hearing about God from other people, asking questions, being open and honest about my doubts.

I found a Bible that I could read. I listened to one on my phone. I stayed quiet and I listened for him, and I heard him.

I got out of my bubble and began to care about other people.  When I started reading the Bible and watching other Jesus followers I noticed that they cared about other people (and not just other Christians!).  Once I began to help and care about others I realized that I didn’t need to fix them, I just need to care and tell them about Jesus.

I saw him then! I felt him. It was then that I realized that God is real!

It’s not difficult. What’s difficult is ignoring him or trying to come up with every reason to not believe. It’s worth a try. Isn’t it?

When Adam and Eve were in the garden, God walked and talked with them and the Bible says he walked side by side with them. He has always wanted that with each of us, and every time we mess it up. So He came to us. He came and died. I don’t know how it all works, but I know the results that my life has seen. Every time I get something in my life that keeps me from having time to share my life with God I find that I’m not really happy. When I give time to pray and talk with him about my life I find that I’m happy and satisfied. It’s that simple.

God is real! Why don’t you talk to him about it!

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