I love being a pastor.  It is one of the most rewarding things to simply give yourself to God’s plans and then just hang on.  It’s also requires you look at yourself and cull through your emotions, your pride and your desire for success.  Being a pastor has challenged me to look at my own faith and plans to question them over and over.

This week saw the release of a letter Mark Driscoll shared with his congregation and has been shared in a lot of places since then.  I don’t mind sharing the link here. I have to say that it is one of the most honest letters that I have seen in a while.  It also came at a time when I needed it most.

If you’re a pastor you probably struggle with the battle in your own life to start or grow a church and at the same time keep close to your Heavenly Father because one without the other doesn’t work.   Even if you’re not a pastor, being a person of Faith is the same.  You want to live your life with joy and success but you also want to hold to your faith without compromise.   It take a lot of repentance (changing directions).  I think that is what Mark’s letter is about – changing directions.

I have begun to make some changes in my own life and ministry.  Our Elder Board at Hub is helping me and supporting me as I learn to be a better pastor and friend to our church body.  I have decided being a pastor means I need to love people and not try to fix people (Stacy has showed me that better than anyone).  I also know God has put us in Goose Creek to love the people here in any way we can so as a simple step in that direction I have become a T-Ball coach for one of the teams so I can simply get to know people in our city. Also Stacy and I have agreed that I need to spend time with people not as a pastor, or as a project, but as a person who deeply does desire to see people know Jesus.

So I’m learning.  I have always been convinced that planting a church or doing anything God called my family to do required us be changed and  our faith to grow because of it. As hard as it is to be changed by God and his Kingdom I know  it is his desire to begin in me so I am more open to that than ever before.




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