A Little Kindness Can Go A Long Way


12 years ago I had some drastic changes happen in my life.  It started when I connected with a group of people who were part of a new church plant in Greer, SC.  I struggled with a lot of hurt and confusion about life, but they accepted me with all my hangups and issues.  They were patient and gave me time to find healing.  Their kindness changed me and allowed me time to change.  I went from being a bitter, frustrated wanderer into a different person. One who no longer insulted or belittled people. Their kindness showed me about kindness. It gave me a different template to base my actions and reactions on. To be honest, I still make insulting comments and sometimes belittle people.  I still have the same humor about me but I also share the kindness that they gave to me. My friend’s kindnesses went a long way!

It’s funny how life sometimes works.  We seem to have lost the ability to be kind it seems. The most confused around us can’t even see that kindness might win better friendships or relationships.   We cover our own hurt by attempting to hurt others with slicing comments and actions.   We either think that if we have been treat badly that we should treat others badly or we treat others badly to make ourselves feel slightly superior.   It’s like we think that if we inflict pain then our pain will be lessened.  What a lie!

The moment that we begin to open our minds to the power of kindness we can begin to overcome our own hurts.  Take any situation and act in kindness to the other people involved and things will instantly get a little better.  Feel your anger rising? Then be abnormal and let kindness be your response.

Cowards act in anger, turn away their feelings and just bash everything around them.  Revolutionary thinkers know that kindness is one of the most powerful, life changing emotions and actions that we have.

LIVE above the ordinary – let kindness be your answer!

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