Help Launch Our Church

We’re in the process of planting a church in Goose Creek, SC, which is just outside of Charleston!  We’ve got a lot of plans and dreams at this point but very little money to make it happen.  The truth is that we need donors!

We need people that want to be a part of our church by partnering with us.  This means donating to the work of our Heavenly Father!!  It is an incredible opportunity to see God at work in a new way!  His desire is to be known to those who need him!

We’re focused on our community in Goose Creek because God has called us there.  We are making trips and trying to build contacts but most importantly we want to be on the ground there being a part of the community.  Our goals are long-range and slowly focused on the community.  We want to start a coffee house and a Community Development Center.  We want to make a difference in the everyday lives of the people there, not just on Sunday!  We want to be a vital part of the community by loving people where they are and not asking them to come to us.  We want to lead people to their Heavenly Father so that he can change them and change their lives.  We know this happens best through friendship and time.  We will love that community!

But we need your help! We have wonderful, amazing friends that we have known through the years and we’re asking you to partner with us!  It’s going to take financial support to get this going!  We have a budget, we have our plans, we have our calling and we have experience.  We’re putting more financially ourselves into this than we have ever in our lives because we see God’s hand on it.  He continues to open doors and we keep walking through them.

Would you be willing to support us monthly for 1 year? Your support will be worth it!

You can go out to our Donation page on the SouthEast EFCA district website.  We are listed on the page as Journey Fellowship (Charleston, SC).

If you want more information about the church please go to or you can email me at sidemory (at) gmail dot com.

Life is a journey and we’re meant to live it together!

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