Why Plant Another Church?

Ok, I think in my first week on this new blog I have probably sounded like I am critical of churches.  That couldn’t be any further from the truth, but I do believe that many people love Jesus but not His Church and I think that is heart breaking!  I think that we have to realize this as we plant churches.

So why plant another church? I believe that the church is really God’s bride.  In other words we are the glory and the beauty of God just as my wife is the beauty and glory of my life.

So I want to be God’s glory and beauty.  Will other’s see God’s Spirit in me?  Can our church be a place of beauty and of healing without being a glossed over or distorted image of Christ? Can we simply be unselfishly willing to stop consuming God and start sharing God?

As we are beginning the fund raising to plant our church in Goose Creek, SC we are focused not on how to convince people to give to our vision or how we can get people to attend our church but instead we are focused on how we can invade our city and be used by God to really change the lives of people.  We hope that people will give money to our God for his purposes and God in turn will use us to do his purposes in our town, our region, and our world.

We hope that our sanctuary is the streets of our town.  We hope that our worship of our Heavenly Father is in our actions towards non-believers.

This will happen most effectively by our being God’s bride.  We will disciple people just as Jesus did to join together and reach the world.  Isn’t that why the Church exists?



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