Bylaws and Plans

I’ve been working the last two weeks on our 501(c)(3) and our church Bylaws and Constitution for Journey Fellowship.

It all makes me think not about rules and regs but about who we are and who we want to be.  In looking at modern Christianity and the roles that churches play and have played I am obsessed in knowing where will we stand?

How will we be inclusive yet not condoning without rejecting those that God desires to reach (everyone)?  How will we handle the pressure of performing and attracting without getting lost in it?
How will we keep the desire to make disciples primary instead of the constant ungodly allure of making a church instead?

These are the questions that we’re asking like young children staring down a new trail into the woods.  We have little or no real understanding of the path ahead, but we know that God has appointed this time for us to begin the journey.

We’re praying through this that God will lead us and that we’ll not stray from His desires.  We know that our best intentions are not even close to God’s ideal plans, but he has and will use us to carry out His plans.

So all of planning and bylaws won’t insure that we do everything right but isn’t that the point?  All of us fall short but we have a Redeemer and a Savior who takes us despite all of that and makes beautiful things.

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