Living in Your Story

I was in my city last week. It’s the first time that my kids have seen Charleston, so we tried to make it special. We were there all week.

We want to know our city. To meet people and to get to know the rhythm of life there. We want to see the mood of people and understand the lives that they live. It’s going to take time to do that and we didn’t learn everything during this week long visit. But the point is to know the people.

I just finished reading Don Miller’s book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years where he talks about story and how we write our story with the challenges and the difficulties that we live. The best statement of the book for me was “Joy requires pain.” It’s true. The best stories that we know have a moment when the main character must overcome a difficult obstacle. How they must fight their father in a battle or leave their village for the strange world. It’s all about taking on the difficult to experience the joy.

I think church planting is like that. Taking on the story of stories by extending and investing in God’s kingdom. The amazing challenge of not knowing the next chapter and realizing that God does.

We’re in our city last week beginning this next chapter in our story.

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