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Leaving Facebook – Sort Of!

I have considered, for a while, leaving Facebook behind.  Many people who I know, like me,  often talk about our problems with Facebook.  Among these that I often think about is the constant distraction from real, valuable content that would better my life.  How often do I need to view the latest fail video or see the latest recipe for a “cheesy taco dip that can be made in five steps”?

I’ll be honest I have even begun not to enjoy things like “The Five Reasons Churches Are Failing” or “The Three Things that Pastors Should Tell Their Church Members”!  And to be even more honest, I wonder if every verse or “Christianese” quote that I post is worth anything to anyone.

I even wonder if sharing my thoughts on this blog is worth our time??

Barna Research recently released an article about why we argue on Social Media.  I was bothered by the fact, according to Barna, that the majority of people who argue most on Social Media are “White, Republican, Christian Men”.

I began to think, “Why do we post to Social Media?” It seems to me most often we want to be heard, maybe leave a mark, or share something that may change or help someone.   For some, it is treated as a “Platform” to further their reach in ministry or further their desire to gain a larger audience.   I have certainly had those thoughts before.

It seems, though, that very few can make a significant impact on others through Social Media, and the rest of us are “wannabes”.  I wonder if my time should be spent with people face to face while letting things be less about me and more about others. Let’s face it, more than likely I will never be able to make a mark on the world like Billy Graham or maybe even as big as the current well-known Christian leaders.  I certainly won’t make a mark by sharing other people’s quotes or my opinion about what I think about the latest hot topic.

BUT I may be used to make a mark in my community or my church or my neighbors.  Doing this means I probably won’t get a book deal nor will I reach 10000 Twitter followers.

Now, to be honest, I do have this blog and when I post it does share the post on Facebook and Twitter.  So, all in all, I still may be a wannabe, BUT I did remove the Facebook App and Facebook Messenger app from my phone today!! I even limited who can message me on Facebook!! So little steps and hopefully lots of grace!

Onward and Upward!!