I Give Up!

“I give up!  I can’t do this anymore.  I’ve tried and tried, but nothing is helping.  No matter how hard I try, no matter how much I pray – I can’t do it anymore.”

I’ve heard a lot of people say that over the years.  Good people, faithful people, strong people.

Some have cried out to God and asked: “Why?”.  Others have beat themselves up because nothing seemed to be going the way that they wanted.

I have shared verses, prayed with them, and tried to help in every way that I could.  Sometimes my efforts help and sometimes my efforts seem to do nothing.

Boy, this is depressing, Get to the good stuff!

A lot of good people give a lot of good answers about our most difficult times.  I could give a lot of good reasons as well.  All from the Bible – all with the best intentions.

The truth is I sometimes wonder myself why our best efforts sometimes do not go in the direction that we hope.

I believe the answer is that we have to understand something that I have been working on myself for a long time.  I like to say it this way – God has the Best Stuff!

God has the Best Stuff!

If we indeed are created and loved by the creator of all things who has worked throughout history to rescue mankind from our sin, then we have to be willing to surrender to such a Creator!

If we look a life through this lens, then we will understand that our decisions, our plans, and our understanding are limited by our own abilities.  In other words, we will try to live using our stuff – when God has the best stuff!

This means that we have to accept the idea that God has the best plans, the best solutions, and the best life for us.  It is a life surrendered to His timing, His urging, and His voice speaking to us as we listen to Him!

This understanding and change doesn’t happen through merely letting or hoping that it will happen.  It happens through surrendering or efforts to Him by waiting on Him to open doors and close doors in our lives.

Let’s go on this journey together.

We can’t do this alone

Would you be willing to share this post with 10 of your friends who will join us on finding the Best Stuff that God has for us?   This isn’t quick-fix scheme.  This is a lifetime of trusting God to show us his Best Stuff through surrender, listening, and trust in Him alone!

If you have been trying, praying, working and doing your best but your life is still not a life of hope, joy, and peace, then it may be that you need to surrender it all to God and wait for him to show you that he has the Best Stuff!

Next Steps
  • You can’t live your life alone. Being a private person, someone that doesn’t like to share your struggles is the way that the enemy (Satan) uses our pride to keep us away from God.  Be willing to surrender your pride!
  • Share this post with 10 people that you know are struggling and need a change in their lives!
  • Be watching for many more posts on God’s Best Stuff!

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