The Best Stuff – Issue 2

Here is this week’s collection of the Best Stuff that I have found on the internet.

What are the signs of an emotionally mature Christian? – Article

A really good article that gives some great things to think about.

This Lady is Funny! – Video

If you need a laugh click the link above.

a great song from the Village Church – New Music

Ok, this is an album from another large church but it’s a great song!

Take On Me – Music Video

Yes, it’s that song! Sung by the original group in a different way!!  Listen, then go here for the original.

E-Book Deals

Here are some great E-Books priced in the $1.99 to $2.99 range:

Picture of the Week

I love this photo.  You can see the heart and passion for their Savior.  Oh, that we would all have this passion!

In Your kindness You lead me home In Your presence Where I belong You called me out Lifted me up How great is Your love

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