Where has Wisdom Gone?

There is a prevailing theory about the prisoner Barabbas.  You know, the guy that the crowd asked to be released instead of Jesus in Jerusalem. (Matthew 27:15 – 23) Pilate released Barabbas and crucified Jesus. The theory of which I write is this: the people saw Barabbas as a political prisoner who would be released and work to overthrow the Roman occupation if he was released.  It is further thought the people felt that Jesus was not political and would not work to overthrow Rome. This is what caused the people in the crowd to ask for Barabbas, a violent murderer, instead of Jesus, a kind, and godly teacher. Now, hang on with me while I make the connection between this theory and wisdom.

Why did they ask for Barabbas?

If this theory is at least partially correct, then the crowd hoped for something that would not and could not happen.  History records no meaningful contribution by Barabbas other than this story.  Of course, they apparently thought that Barabbas would make a difference in their fight against Rome.  In the end, the people were wrong!

So how does this refer to wisdom?

Wisdom is the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and sound judgment.  Crowds very rarely act out of wisdom.

My point is this – we often ask for a Barabbas instead of Jesus when we are looking for answers.  We will take what’s convenient or popular instead of what’s wise!

Where has wisdom gone?

Have you noticed that it is hard to find wisdom anymore?  There are plenty of opinions, but very little wise opinions.

We first must realize that real wisdom does not come from mankind.  It comes from God.  I now amend the definition that I gave above – Wisdom is the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and sound judgment when it is based on the actual source of wisdom! 

I believe that wisdom has disappeared because people no longer go to the source of wisdom that God gave us – the Bible.  How can we hope to make wise choices when we are not pursuing wisdom in the only real source of wisdom?

If you are like me you remember growing up knowing that there were certain people that were considered wise.   I’m not talking about politicians or TV news anchors.  Many were thought to be wise and their wisdom has since been proven unwise.  I’m talking about godly followers of Jesus whom everyone knew studied and lived out the wisdom from God.

This type of wisdom is hard to find now.  We need this kind of wisdom in our world.  It will only come from people who seek wisdom in God’s Word.  It won’t reappear overnight but it will reappear when we seek it!

Next Steps
  • Start seeking wisdom in God’s Word.  Download the Youversion app to your phone and start a reading plan then begin to grow in wisdom as you read!
  • Memorize scripture.  I use ScriptureTyper.  I even paid the small fee to use the Pro version.  Check it out here. If you want to purchase the Pro license use the promo code SIDSFRIENDS for a 20% discount!
  • Check out my sermon titled Basic – The Bible

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