Are you tired of hearing about politics?  I am! But if Christians don’t embrace politics then we give the political platform away to others who may misuse it!

Why should Christians embrace Politics?
  1. Our political environment needs a Savior – I don’t mean a better candidate.  The idea of separation of Church and State is an unfathomable idea to me.  We have traded tax breaks for the ability to influence the world around us.  We are told that we shouldn’t force our faith on anyone.  Instead, Christianity has sold its soul (literally) to be less offensive. (OK – wait – don’t turn me off yet! Keep reading!)
  2. Politics is not the ruler; God is – The President, the Congress, and the Senate are not the leaders of our country.  Our political system looks to itself for answers.  As long as Christians put their faith in government, we will receive the pittance that they throw at our feet!
  3. Politics is not separate from the Christian faith – We can’t segment politics out of our lives as Christians because we have failed or because we don’t like it! Mankind was given the responsibility of dominion over the earth. (Genesis 1:28) It is not meant to be an authority of our purposes but of the purposes of God.
What can we do as Christians to be involved in politics?
  1. Vote – Christians never vote, and we never vote for Christians only.
  2. Call Sin – Sin – We treat politics as a necessary evil.  God established the leaders and rulers. (Romans 13:1)  We must quit saying the Bible wants us to honor our leaders and we should support them no matter what. It may be that the leader that gets appointed is there to punish a nation.  If a leader is ungodly, call them that and replace them yourself or with a real follower of Jesus. For goodness sake stop supporting immoral leaders because they are the best we have available!
  3. Don’t Stand for the Backseat in politics – Lift Christian politicians up!  Be a voice who supports the vocalization of Christian values and liberties without fear of being labeled a religious zealot.  Be a Jesus zealot! Christians should lift our voices to make the acceptable standard for a politician to be able to share their faith without the political system rejecting them!
  4. Be Bold – Learn the issues.  Don’t rely on Facebook or the regular news outlets to provide your political news.  Find better sources and be a seeker and speaker of real love-based truth about politics. Speak the truth in love – boldly! (Ephesians 4:15)
  5. Give politics it’s rightful place –  Be bold, open-eyed, and involved in politics.  But realize that it is not the answer to the problems of this world.  God is.  Politics and everything else, for that matter, fall far behind the Kingdom of God of with the Gospel proclaims. Christians are citizens of God’s Kingdom firstly.  A Christian and country that lives for the Kingdom of God will answer any question that can be thrown at it!

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