In-Process vs. In-Progress

A Life of Process

It’s funny how we can look at people around us and make judgments on who has their life together and who doesn’t.  The best of us (if there is such a thing)  also have parts of their lives which are completely crazy or messed up even if we cant see it.

I like to think that all of us are “In-Process.”  In other words, none of us have everything in life figured out, not even the best of us!   We all have areas in our lives where we struggle.  For a lot of us, and I do mean a lot,  “struggle” is maybe a clean, hygienic word to use.

A Life of Progress

We are,  every one of us,  “In-Process” but not all of us are “In-Progress.” “In-Progress” is something that is in motion – specifically forward motion.

Followers of Jesus know God has a plan of progress for us and progress does require change. After all, we do pass from “death unto life.” (John 5:24)   Growth happens in the life of a believer when they are on the path of faith.

Scripture describes the life of Believer as becoming more like Jesus.  We know that Salvation isn’t about works and deeds and it isn’t. But the truth is that lives of faith are diligent lives filled with action, obedience, and sacrifice.  James said that faith without works is dead. (James 2:17)  It is a life of faith and action that is a life “In-Progress.”

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