Self-Righteousness – Let us start with a definition.

 Self: Me, I, the total me
Righteous: morally pure, right, above reproach 
= Self-Righteous: Believing myself to be superior to others and above reproach

For example, Brian has always been a person of strong convictions.  Often he finds himself trying to understand why people “act the way they act”.   “No one seems to get it.  People seem to always make bad choices.”, he often says.  Time after time he has been disappointed with the actions and words of others.  It infuriates him when he sees people making bad choices even if the choices don’t directly affect him.  Brian tells himself often that he is glad that he doesn’t make choices like other people.

I want to point out several things about Brian.  He seems to be frustrated with the choices and actions of others to the point that he becomes infuriated.  Brian questions the action of others often and feels disappointment in their choices.  Disappointment and frustration!

Have you ever known anyone like Brian?  Have you ever been like Brian?

How about you?

It’s easy to be distracted, frustrated, and disappointed by the actions and choices of others.   It goes back to the beginning of mankind when the snake blamed God, the woman blamed the snake, and the man blamed the woman. The righteousness that they wanted to claim ended up being false self-righteousness.

It’s much easier to see the unrighteousness of others while dismissing our own unrighteousness.  Mirrors are something to avoid for many of us unless we want to point them at others!



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