The Dude’s Guide to Manhood – A Book Review

I0e2627119_1384032011_booktndudes-guide-to-manhood‘m going to go ahead and tell you – I loved this book!  If nothing else the cover is really cool because as we all know  – beards are cool!!

I’ve got to admit, the cover grabbed my attention at first.  Then Darrin Patrick’s name grabbed it a little more.  If you haven’t read For the City which he wrote with Matt Carter and Joel Lindsey then you need to pick it up here.

Manhood is a difficult journey.  As Patrick says “Many men are simply unprepared to face the journey of manhood, in part because they have never been prepared in the first place.”(Page XVI)  Patrick does a great job of describing a roadmap that can be followed and helps the reader understand real ways to live qualities of contentment, devotion, heroism, and forgiveness.

The Big Question

The question of “will your life run you or will you run your life” echoes throughout the book.  We have images of manhood around us but very few authentic men who are willing to lead their sons into a balanced and heroic image of manhood.  The truth is that we can’t become men alone.  We don’t have a map to being caring father’s, loving husbands and dedicated workers so we need every resource that is available to us. Patrick talks about our fathers, our friends, and our children, all of which are major topics for men. He helps the reader understand that Jesus demonstrated loyalty, honesty, character and many other qualities that we need.  Jesus also promised the Holy Spirit to lead and guide our paths. “True Manhood doesn’t mean being perfect ourselves; it means trusting in Christ’s perfection for us” (Page 159)

This book gives the reader a straightforward and clear understanding of manhood which may be just the thing that you need to find the path.

Check it out at Amazon or your local bookstore!  Also, check out Darrin Patrick out over at his website for a ton of other videos and writings that will help you grow.

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